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“To give people the power to build their online presence by offering the best hosting solutions and state of the art web tools.”

Our Mission

BlueHosting.com® is a proud member of Zonat S.A. group of Web hosting Brands.

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Zonat is a Luxembourg-based provider of internet services.  Formed in 2004, Zonat S.A. has specialized in bringing both new and old ideas to life. Zonat S.A. acquired the BlueHosting.com® brand and internet presence to add to its other pre-existing brands such as Hosting.co.ukOwnWebsite.com, Yourwebsite.com , and Paginaweb.es. Zonat S.A. seeks to provide low-cost hosting and related services to SMEs across the globe.

BlueHosting.com® is not just a hosting provider. Rather, it seeks to provide SMEs with a full spectrum of services in an easy-to-understand format with highly attractive pricing models structured to fit your particular needs. As a member of the group, BlueHosting.com® is able to leverage Zonat S.A. resources to provide high quality hosting services, reliable web hosting- with a 99.9% uptime.

Headquartered in Luxembourg – a technology hub for Europe, Zonat uses state-of-the-art servers, highly trained web hosting experts, leading developers and the best software to maintain and protect servers.

Our Background

BlueHosting.com® is a robust Web Hosting Brand. We pride ourselves with delivering first-class hosting and website services to everyday people. Our team is devoted to providing the best hosting services at the most affordable prices to ordinary people who dare to dream.

What We Have


A Technical Support Team at Hand 24/7/365

A Secure & Low-cost Global Location

Dual Diesel Generators and UPS

A highly power efficient Infrastructure with a PUE of under < 1.3h

State of the art technology


Our data center facilities and servers are all housed privately in the United States, United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Germany

Our Tier 4+ (the highest tier) Midlands Data Center are exceptionally fast and promises to load sites rapidly across the US, UK, Europe, and the rest of the world.

We have a highly competent technicians on site to check, maintain and run important updates so that you enjoy the best out your hosting plan.

That’s why we guarantee 99.9% uptime on our servers in all our hosting plans. Take, for example, the best practice by our technical team. They manage and automate standard and custom server updates.Not sure which server to host on? Contact out team of experts. They help you choose the most suitable server, based on your unique needs.

Bluehosting.com® data centers, run some of the world’s leading software and security programs to safeguard your websites.

Servers with good upkeep deliver faster internet speeds, and we are about that life. You can always count on us to deliver the data you host on our servers at ultra-fast speeds. In addition, we conduct daily back-ups and run SSL powerful encryption certificate on our system. Your data is secure under top-notch security, it is always safe and always secure with us.

Managing a powerful green-hosting brand at international standards sucks a lot of energy.

This unfortunately, is bad for the environment. Not enough hosting companies proactively employing ways to cut its energy consummation. We have taken the initiative to cut servers and computing equipment approved by the Energy Star board. Today, our servers are extremely power efficient with low levels of PUE (Power usage effectiveness) of under <1.3.

Help us reduce the world's carbon footprint


At Bluehosting.com® we work hard to make green products notably environmentally products a part of our corporate image.

Committed from the start, we are creating a better, energy-efficient hosting company. We are on a mission to reducing our carbon footprint by applying as many environmentally friendly initiatives and feasible for us as a company. 

To run a highly efficient web hosting company 24/7/365 takes a great deal of energy!

These are only a glimpse into the green hosting vision we have in store for Bluehosting.com®.

One day, we hope to run a hosting company completely on renewable energy, with next to zero carbon footprint. Our eco-friendly initiative leads us to identify other areas that we can focus our attention: namely, in managing water usage, and creating more public awareness to environmentally friendly practices.

We are 100% behind clean energy and creating a better environment for future generations to come.

Bluehosting.com® successfully implemented steps that play vital energy-saving role.

 From choosing energy efficient data centers, to recycling and switching light bulbs to LED power saving lights around the office. Our cooling systems are even approved by the Energy Star board. We believe that every small deed goes a long way, from switching off the lights when they are not in use to running green hosting service that is 99 percent paper free.

Check out this overview of our main green-hosting initiatives:

  • Our data centers are highly power efficient with a PUE of under <1.3.
  • We use some of the most recognized servers
  • Our air conditioning systems approved by the Energy Star board
  • 99% Paperless office environment.
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