check domain search history

Domain Search: How to Check Your Domain History

Now you want to purchase that domain name, but did you know it’s best practice to research the domain history before purchasing? You may end up inheriting a lot of bad mojo with a used…
DNS record and domain terms

Understanding DNS Records and Key Domain Terms

We know you’re busy running your business and don’t have much time set aside to learn new things about internet technology, besides, isn’t that why you hired someone to run your IT for you? The…
How to setup a website

How to Setup a Website and Make it Work

When we look at a website, we see images, videos, texts and fun buttons to click, but that’s not what a website really looks like. A website is just a bunch of code, strung together.
website hosting security

How to Secure a Website on Shared Hosting

Just because you’ve chosen shared hosting doesn’t mean that your website shouldn’t be safe. If you choose the right hosting provider and follow the rest of the tips in this guide, you’ll sleep easy knowing…