Find the domain owner

How to Find the Domain Owner of a Website

The future success of your business is dependent on the name you choose to represent your brand. But what if it's already taken? Here's what you can do to find the owner.
check domain search history

Domain Search: How to Check Your Domain History

Now you want to purchase that domain name, but did you know it’s best practice to research the domain history before purchasing? You may end up inheriting a lot of bad mojo with a used…
DNS record and domain terms

Understanding DNS Records and Key Domain Terms

We know you’re busy running your business and don’t have much time set aside to learn new things about internet technology, besides, isn’t that why you hired someone to run your IT for you? The…
Domain vs web hosting

Domain vs Web Hosting: What’s the difference?

There are many differences between domains and web hosting. If you want to start a website you should really understand the differences. We'll look at: 1. Definition of domain and hosting 2. Access websites 3.…