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How to Pick a Domain Name

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Make it memorable

Intrigue followers with a catchy domain name. When it’s easy, people will remember your brand.

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Use the domain search tool

Feeling stuck... use our domain name search tool. Check for popular keywords and select the one that projects your brand.

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Think of several options and consider descriptive TLDs like .blog- bloggers or .store - eCommerce. The key is to pick something that represents your project.

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Short names are the best!

Keeping your domain short so that people will remember it. Stick to 3-9 characters for your domain.

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Be the first to register it

The best domain names get registered first. So, once you’ve settled on a name, act fast and register it before someone else does.

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Make it super simple

Pick a name that is easy to say. Avoid complex spellings, numbers and hyphens. Don’t forget saying it aloud.

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Domain Checker Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

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Not sure what steps to take before, during or after the domain registration or transfer process? No worries, our team is dedicated to providing assistance when you get stuck. Get helpful responses fast, for all your domain related questions from our award-winning support team 24/7/365. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!

Simply put, a Domain is the name of a website. It is also the web address where a website’s files (images, content, products) are kept online. Without getting too technical, a domain is the textual representation for a numeric IP value for your website. However, if you want someone to find you online using your IP, sets of  numbers are unideal, but a name is something they’ll remember.

Registering a domain means, you claim ownership for a particular domain. This is not a lifetime ownership. In fact, domain registration periods differ, however there is usually a minimum signup of one year. After that, you’ll need to renew your subscription according to your registration period – annually, biennially, etc.

No two domain names are exactly the same. So, if you have an idea and thought of a name for a project, aim to register the domain before it’s taken. Registering a suitable domain is crucial for the success of your brand. Start by brainstorming a few names that represent your idea, conduct a quick domain name search and once it’s available, register it.

There are over 1,500 descriptive domain extensions available today, of course, .com is the most popular. If ‘.com’ unavailable, try searching for descriptive domains extensions like .store – best for e-commerce, .tech – technology or .blog – bloggers and content writers, from a huge list of TLDs in our library.

Yes. When you register your domain name on Bluehosting.com®, your domain is set for automatic renewal. Two weeks before the end of your subscription period, we’ll send you a new invoice and charge your account on the due date. To avoid forgetting the renewal date, we advise using a credit card and updating your payment details as soon as you switch cards.

Before we go any further, note that a domain is not the same as a website. In fact, you can register a domain name and not create a website. You can keep this registered name reserved for later use. However, you need a domain (web address) to publish a website online for others to find it.

Domains are like your ‘home address.’ Once you publish your website (online), people can visit the website by accessing the domain.

Typing the domain in a web browser or search engine leads visitors to the website associated with the domain.

What’s next after registering a domain?

A domain is the first step when creating a website. We’ve created a list with the basic steps to take to launch your site:

  1. Register or transfer a domain on Bluehosting.com®
  2. Select a website hosting plan.
  3. Create your website and add content.
  4. Review website pages and publish it on the web. (This step requires web hosting.)
  5. Connect your site to social media accounts and share with the world.

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Transferring to Bluehosting.com® is easy! First send us a message about your desire to transfer to our network. To transfer a domain, you’ll need to provide your domain ‘out code’ (authorization code) from the site where your domain is being hosted and we’ll handle the rest.

Please note that there are always a few exceptions for different domain TLDs. So, be sure to contact our support first.

Transfer to the most reliable hosting and domain provider in 3 easy steps:

  1. Request Transfer: Contact existing domain provider to let them know you want to transfer. They will send your ‘EPP code’ or ‘out code’ to the email associated with your domain account.
  2. Initiate Domain Transfer:
    Enter your existing domain in the transfer domain field on our website and click transfer. The next step will be to enter your EPP confirmation code.
  3. Manage Domain:
    After we confirm the transfer, enter your new client area to manage your domain. If you have cPanel, you can create a professional email right away.

*To start a domain transfer you must be the authorized person or domain owner.

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If you’re looking for a reliable and secure home for your domain, you’ve come to the right place. Transferring your domain is fast, hassle free and risk free. We make the transfer process easy, giving you more time to focus on more important tasks. *You’ll need a domain authorization code to complete the order.

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